AlBakee is proud to be among the top trademark firms in Iraq. Our practice includes experienced trademark attorneys and paralegals who are dedicated to trademark, trade dress, and domain name matters, including strategic counseling and prosecution work as well as complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution. With the support of the world’s premier intellectual property. AlBakee offers the resources of a global IP leader, the expertise of a boutique, and the personal service that comes with a local presence.

Competition Law

Competition law is broadly diversified and includes, for example, the areas of the Unfair Competition Act, the law on the advertising of medicines, and the law on the advertising of foodstuffs. Among other things, competition law is closely related to trademark law, for example in the area of ancillary copyright protection. We advise and represent clients in particular in the areas of the Unfair Competition Act, especially in connection with trademark and labeling law.


Patents provide indispensable strategic protections for innovative businesses and inventors. In addition to being accomplished legal practitioners, our patent attorneys each have degrees in various technical fields, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, microbiology, and neurobiology. Many have substantial legal industry experience as well making our patent prosecution team highly dynamic and cross-functional, meaning we will always find the right person to meet our clients’ specific intellectual property needs.


Copyright includes the rights to prevent others from copying, adapting or performing your works, and the right to control the first communication of your works to the public. Today, orders for delivery up are often made in copyright infringement cases relating to pirated software, video games or printed fabrics, and copyright remains one of the most important rights a business can own or have the right to use. Copyright is one of the most flexible intellectual property rights, as well as one of the oldest. As early as the sixth century, the King of Ireland ordered Saint Columba to deliver up a copy he had made of a borrowed manuscript to the manuscript’s owner: “As to the cow its calf, so to the book its copy.” Copyright can subsist in a wide range of works, which the UK’s Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 groups into:
  • Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works
  • Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works
  • The typographical arrangement of published editions
  • ………………

Copyright infringement

Copyright is infringed by doing one of the acts reserved to the copyright owner, without the owner’s permission or without another lawful reason. This includes copying the work in whole or in “substantial part”. Because running a computer program or reading an ebook involves the creation of transient copies, this means that the unauthorised downloading or sharing of digital media constitutes copyright infringement. Other acts of infringement include making unauthorised adaptations or translations of copyright works, performing copyright works in public without the permission of the rights’ holder and selling or supplying infringing copies.

Packaging and labeling strategies

Packaging and labeling requirements are constantly changing. You cannot afford to work with a lawyer who practices packaging law part-time or as a small component of their practice. We have investigated, managed, and implemented all aspects of FDA packaging law and requirements. We are the firm other lawyers call when their clients need a qualified packaging law attorney. We advise and represent clients at every level of the food packaging industry. We work with large multi-national corporations, as well as small and medium-sized companies. Regardless of your size or your product, we will provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to ensure compliance.